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what is new?
this site was jost made so theres nothing new but the fourms that i got....
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Here's the shenmue 2 guide
Shenmue 2 Guide System: DC
Disk 1+2
By: Eddy

Well its here not the US version but the eurupe one is (pal). This guide will help you beat shenmue 2 the pal version.
well you all know "shenmue" dont you if you dont know what want down in shenmue 1 then put disk 4 in the dc
and play '"The digest movie" its a long movie on what happend in shenmue 1.

Theres lots on new stuff in shenmue 2 that shenmue 1 dident have. You know when you have to meet someone
at 4pm and it was 8am you had a lot of time to kill well in shenmue 2 you can "wait:" all that does is puts you to
the hour you need to be in very fast. Now to the jobs theres more jobs in shenmue 2 like lifting crates
working at the lucky hit stand and more. There's now pownshops where you can sell your toys for cash ( full
set;'s are worth more!!). Theres also gambling like armwesaling lucky hit and fighting. hint to this game is too
buy maps when ever you can! and look at all the shops and malls too. theres lots of scrolls that you cab buy
and plz do not rush the game take your time and have fun.

You get off the ship looking for a person called "Lishao Tao" that person lives in wan chai
South of carmain Qarter, Yan Tin apartmens room 205. You need to find wan chai. So it's off asking ppl
where it is .Go forward a little and there will be ppl playing music a little kid well say put in money in for good luck you
can do it if you want i did. (Hint) your money will get stolen soon so if you use it all on zippo lighters
you can sell them and get 40% of your money back! the stand is next too the music players.
Do that and buy them all tell you have no money left ok. You will see some ppl that take your pic
and a woman that tells you theres a free stay place over there were you can sleep. Look toys if you want too get some
go a head. but theres maps sold next to it get the map 1st. next go in the door were theres a woman that can read
your fourtune for 20$. go down the hall way to the armwrestling for ten$ and if you win the man helps you out.
To win press A very fast some times a QTE will come up press the up,down.left,or right fast to win.
he says go down the street . but whats this a BIKER named joy. go to the water fountin in the park.
Theres a stand where you can but toys in a box for 25$. go to the end of the park there will be a sign
aying queen street and go that way. well hee it is your bag got muged now you got nothing
we have no find that little kid named wong. go to queens st run a round there tell you see a 2
ppl at a table heal get mad joy will break it up tho. she knows wong! next is too the park were the fountin is.
ask ppl in the park. run there tell you see wong. here i come kid! qte's are every where be fast and at the end
your fighting two thug's ones got a knife too. win and wong will tell you were your bag is fallow him to a ally .
the money's gone! like i said wong say's to go to the come over guest house. go there. if you cant find your way ask ppl there take you there or tell you there it is.On the way theres a pawn shop go there no sell the lighters for money
kings road has a road were you can cross on the brig. Green market is were you need to be. walk a little and joy comes
in tells you the free stay place is closed so go to the come over guest house next its down the street a little.
Joy again you dont need money to stay not yet at least. Joys going to help you get a job. at 8am tomarrow
your room is 208 go there at sleep. Save your game here too.you can only sleep after 8pm
so do somthing tell then. theres flyers on the table for a pawn shop tells the money you can sell your stuff for.
Next morning Joys out side and say's hurrey up man your 1st job of the game is on its way!
you dont have to pay your biil cuz you dont have the money yet. Now when you go to some one you can press Y
can ask for the fallowing gamble
oy is a hottie right! she says somthing in japase you cant read it . see takes you to a job liffting
creats for 10$ a creat HERE'S how to do the job right
hold the up buttin tell you see LEFT or RIGHT press what ever one comes on ok. its can get very hard the more creats
you move the harder it gets up to LEFT,LEFT,LEFT,LEFT,LEFT 5 times press it very fast.me i worked for 2 days
full days too! after your done working if you did this already then its fine but good sell all the zippo lighters that you got at the begining of the game.well whats next ummm...... lets see we got to go to yan tin apts.in south carmain.
on the way you will see a park with a old man he ask's you too free fight this is nothin yet dont worry .
when you get to the apts go to the mail box and a old lady calls you a land shark ? room 205 is where
we need to go ! go up stairs and knock on the door and a man opens the door is he the master? no dont pay any
money the master has moved to man mo temple. off to the temple then! man mo temple is in wise mans qr. on top of
scarlet hills.Go fast the temple closes at 7pm. enter the temple and go to the big red door there's a woman in red
is she the master? hahaha nope there's a man in white. he says you need to know the "wude" 4 of them.you will
see the red woman in the temple she says you need to learn wude on your own and too seak out a fight/martial
artists that no wude. well go to the park with the old guy he's a fighter right ? well he knows the wude!
fight him once and flip him on the ground then he'll show you the move called iron palm a good move you have to use it on the tree tell the ground is coverd with leaves the timing is every thing this time do that and he'll tell you about
GON...Practice without neglect. thats oe of the four!.talk to the old man and ask about the arts and he'll tell you about the
school of martial arts in green market qr go there next. its a big building with ppl kicking and stuff.the old man knows the wude!what he's not aloud to talk about the wude cuz he's ruin a mans life. He's a street performer in golden qr!
were off to the big long street . he's in side the mall its very big mall. HOLD IT ! there's a pine game arcade close to it!
there's lots of game there new ones too take a look! after your done playing games go to the mall across the street it's
a little one. it's called golden shopping mall ! its got lots on glass in it.theres a man sleeping wake him up he's the man that has a ruin life? what now you have to brake a rock with your hand! its not hard same a the tree one but you have to
hit the rock 2 times in a row. He gives you a letter to get to the master in the art school do that.Ryo gives the letter to
the man. he tells more of the wude! JIE... Don't show or use moves thoughtlessly. thats 2 wude down 2 to go!
talk to the master of the arts school he'll tell you about the man on 3blade street go there. look for a blue and red thing
like at a real barber shop. open the door. thats the man we need to talk too. he'll trim your hair a tell about the wude
a QTE comes up DONT DO ANYTHING AT ALL its a test to see if you will move. if you do all well then he'll tell about the 3rd wude. DAN...Judge with clear mind. one more to go and the old somking man told you where to go!.
Go to bloom tailor on the same street go out side and turn left to the end of the street .well the man tells you to go to
yan tin apts master named GUIXIANG she knows the last wude! the old woman that called you the land sharks
is being kicked out of her apt gota help her there s big fight in this park of the game all you have to do i fight one man at
a time and you'll do fine. well its off to the man mo temple again....well once you get there the ppl are cleaning it
so you have to sneak in . the person cleaning the wall but you need to do a job for the man clean all the walls!!!!
well its not as hard as it look clean all the walls and theres letters of the wude on them do that.there the last wude is
YI is the last wude now u can see the master.WHAT THE WOMAN is the master after all well what a never mind.
she ask to fight .fu** she's fast not even once she kicks your ass i can tell you that much. she gives you a place to
stay too.well its too that place on the map if you fallow her she will take you there. 207 is where to go.
What this is her room yes lets get it on.......dam the couch like always.

Well thats the end of disk 1